Faith Restored to a Fractured Family

A few Sundays ago we wrapped up our 3-week series on relationships and the gospel, Andrew and Bria Huber were kind enough to share their marriage's beautiful story of redemption and restoration. When grace and forgiveness seemed impossible, our Father used the counsel and mentorship of other believers to soften their hearts and remind them of the purpose of marriage: to reflect the gospel. The Hubers learned that healing is a product of vulnerability - vulnerability with the Lord, with your spouse, and with trusted gospel community.

In a confusing and challenging time, The Hubers' mentors pointed them back to the Truth. When they needed it the most, they were tenderly reminded that because of Jesus, there is now no condemnation for us, and because of the Holy Spirit, we can love and forgive one another as the Father loves and forgives us. The Hubers’ story showed that laying your sin at the throne of the Father and receiving the never-ending gift of grace from the Lord not only moves our hearts towards Jesus, but it allows our hearts to reflect that grace to others. Their story shows how grace comes to us vertically before it can go horizontally.