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What happened after the resurrection of Jesus? Did Jesus have any impact on the culture, people and society of the 1st Century, or did he just disappear? Even more importantly, does the resurrection of Jesus have any bearing on our world today? How did Jesus establish and for the Church?  How are we to function within the Church?  The answer to these questions (and many others) is found in the book of Acts. 



All of our ministries at Providence North have been arranged around these three elements of redemptive life. We live out these values personally, locally and globally for the glory of God. In the Identity series, we take a closer look at how each value is the foundation of our church. 


Proverbs is designed to instill wisdom into God’s people, showing them what a God-fearing lifestyle looks like in everyday situations and relationships. Proverbs gives us a glimpse into the damage and destruction we bring into our lives when we reject God’s wisdom and choose our own way. And yet Proverbs also paints a beautiful picture of what life looks like when we humble ourselves before the Maker and admit that we don’t know what is best. 

A Culture of Grace

The Gospel is a message of divine grace for the underserving, and when that is fully understood it creates within us a culture of grace for the underserving.


The humility of god

relationships and the gospel

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